Additional info

We met in the first half of 2015. We tried a couple of times, and we'd love to go into the studio ... Finally, in this spirit, the first shooting took place and we recorded the first single this summer.
After studying, a period of so-called search for the right sound came about. And that it was not a simple period, it probably does not need to be emphasized. It was not easy or fun. Eventually, however, we managed to mix the recordings well and we could go on the road with a zigzag, truncated, and not at all easy. But it is more beautiful and adventurous if we get to the finish. The road is called "creative work". It offers the freedom of speech, the virtual materialization of ideas, the exciting process of creation and endless editing. Both instrument parts, vocals, rhythms, and appropriate temps and texts. In short, work overhead.
But it is fun, creative and attractive.
And so we gradually build a mosaic of contemporary repertoire, trying to connect the different worlds of harmony, rhythm and literary.


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