About Ticketstream

We are a Czech company, based in Prague. Our vision is to help promoters with pre-sale tickets and to actively address visitors to their cultural, sports and other leisure events. We help our fans to find the most suitable events for them and guarantee them a smooth and fast purchase of tickets.

Since 2000, when Ticketstream was established, we are constantly improving our ticketing and marketing services. We continuously grow in all directions thanks to our experience and hard work. We interact with more than 3 million people in the Czech Republic on a monthly basis and we are gradually providing some of our services in CEE countries such as Poland, Slovakia or Hungary.

It's all about people. We listen to the needs of promoters and our customers. So, whether you're looking for "where to go" inspiration in our network, buying tickets, or organizing an event for a few people, or tens of thousands people, our team will provide you with maximum service and support.

Viktor Mastník
CEO of Ticketstream s.r.o.