The biggest music festival in the Czech and Slovak Republic announces a postponement to 2021: Beats for Love will take place in early July next year

Even the biggest dance music festival in the heart of Europe, Beats for Love, has announced complete information regarding this year, or its postponement to 2021. After negotiations between the festival association FESTAS and the Ministry of Culture, the organizers decided to postpone the festival to the next year. The festival which promises the strongest line up in its history, will take place from 1st to 4th July 2021! Organizers are assuring fans who have already purchased tickets that all tickets remain valid!

“Even though we have to postpone the festival, the program will be the best in its history. Although we didn’t know how the situation would turn out, we also worked hard on this crisis option. And that's why I can now tell you that the vast majority of headliners have promised us to postpone their performance to the next year. We are currently working on new contracts with them for the 2021 festival’s edition and we will inform you about specific names as soon as possible. We believe that we will be able to move all already announced performers as well as those who are still in secret to next year for.” comments the whole situation the CEO of the festival, Kamil Rudolf.

“The eighth year in 2021 will be truly spectacular, as we are still waiting for the announcement of 7 major headliners of the festival and more than 20 huge foreign performers, as well as the rest of the complete line-up, which includes more than 450 artists from around the world.” says booking director Jiří Ramík

The organizers also explain why they need help from their fans: “Is your heart beating for Beats for Love? If so, please let’s support the festival together. Postponement of the festival is a huge economic and organizational burden for our entire team. Few people know that we have already had to pay most of the performers’ fees when signing contracts and due to the postponement, the money won’t be returned. We also have year-round costs regarding the preparation of the festival, we have invested in expanding the program, in technology, in the visual side of the festival and also a large sum has already been paid for marketing purposes” - Rudolf explains festival costs.
The organizers also stated that due to postponement of the festival, they will suffer losses which will amount in tens of millions CZK. “These are running costs and costs associated with the postponement of individual headliners. We are trying to reduce these losses to the lowest number possible and we hope that the Government will help us as well”, adds Rudolf.

“ I would like to ask you, our amazing and incredible fans, without whom this would not be possible, for a help. Please keep the already purchased tickets, they remain valid for 2021. It will be a sign of a great solidarity and amazing support, for us, which we enormously value and which we’ll repay you in the coming years in form of the highest quality of organization and program. Many thanks to all those who do so and will help the festival overcome this difficult time. At the same time, thanks to those who are still buying tickets. And there’s a lot of you. It is a sign of immense support for us. It is what keeps us going. - says Rudolf.

Festival director Beats for Love also has an understanding for the fans affected by the coronavirus crisis: ”We completely understand that the current situation can be difficult for everyone. Some of you may find yourselves in a difficult financial situation and therefore are considering getting your tickets refunded. If you need a refund, please fill out the form which you can find here Information from this form will help us resolve the situation. Based on the completed form we will inform you about the ticket refund in few weeks. Please send general questions regarding tickets to e-mail:

“We would like to thank you all again - for the support you are showing us, that you are staying with us and looking forward to the festival as much as we are. We have found ourselves in a situation which unfortunately we can’t control but we are promising you to focus on the things we can control. That is to put on the best musical and visual show for the Beats for Love 2021, and create an atmosphere and memories which we will never forget.

We believe that we have not disappointed you in the 7 years of the festival, and we also believe that you will support us in this difficult situation, because YOU are People of Love!” ends the festival founder Rudolf.

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