The Beats for Love festival is postponed to 2022.
This year, it will once again offer its fans a minimalist version.

The organizers of the Beats for Love festival, the largest music festival in the Czech and Slovak republics, announced today the postponement of this year’s edition of the festival to 2022. They have joined other organizers of major events who are unable to hold their events due to the current situation and restrictions associated with Covid-19 in the world.

“We were waiting for relevant information from the government regarding the impact of Covid-19 on the organization of major cultural events. Together with the festival association FESTAS, we actively came up multiple times with suggestions on the security conditions under which the festival could take place. Although we are all deeply sorry about it, it is now clear that we will not be able to organize the Beats for Love festival in the size we all know and love in July 2021,” says Kamil Rudolf, CEO of the Beats for Love festival.

Currently, the team of the festival is dealing with specific tasks associated with the postponement of the event. It is mainly about negotiating new conditions with the management of headliners and other world stars, booking new dates for suppliers, rescheduling of all production and technical matters and the accompanying program. The postponed festival will take place on July 1st - 4th 2022 in the industrial area of Lower Vitkovice in Ostrava.

At the same time, the organizers of Beats for Love festival are also preparing a minimalist version of the beloved event, which will delight fans of dance music in three terms during this summer. "The Mini Beats" will be much smaller than a classic festival; the specific number of visitors will depend on the currently allowed number of people to gather (by government). This year's event will not only focus on DJs from the Czech and Slovak republics and will bring several well-known foreign names to Ostrava.

"I understand the complexity of the situation, which is complicated in the context of the whole world, and I appreciate all the professions and individuals who help in this difficult time – the health professionals, teachers, salespeople, volunteers and others. I fully support the priority protection of human health and safety. At the same time, however, I perceive the crucial importance of culture, art, education, social contact, and mental health. That is why we are not resigning for the second year in a row to shut our festival completely down. Within the limits of security we will prepare a reduced version of our festival in order to support culture, people's joy and interpersonal relationships, "explains Kamil Rudolf.

The CEO of the festival also added a big thank you to the fans. "From a professional point of view, the repeated postponement of the festival is an extreme situation for us, and the support of our fans is absolutely crucial to us. Thanks to last year’s solidarity of our visitors, we were able to survive the difficult period and we sure hope so it will save us this year as well. Currently, it will help the festival if people keep the purchased tickets and use them the next year. Also, it is advantageous for the owners of already purchased tickets because the presale for 2022 will not get any cheaper,” added Kamil Rudolf. In the critical cases, the refund of the purchased tickets will be solved on an individual level. At the same time, the creator of the event promised that the next year will be pumped up with the program, organization and production, and after a two-year break the organizers will serve the visitors a four-day musical and social euphoria.