Frequently Asked Questions

I have purchased an access code, when and where can I use it? 
You can use an access code on Sunday 9.5. at
Access to the broadcast will be available from 16:45 so you have enough time to prepare, the broadcast itself will start at 17:00

What if something will not work?
Livechat is available on the, we will be happy to help you. Livechat is available before applying the code. You can also write an e-mail to:

Can I watch the broadcast from abroad?
Yes, you can watch from anywhere

Can I join during or after broadcast?
Yes, you can on this link:, access to broadcast will be deactivated 10.5. 3:00

Can I watch broadcast using a single code on multiple devices?
Each code is unique and can be applied on different devices. However watching broadcast with same code is only possible from one device.

I have a Smart TV, can I watch on it? 
Most Smart TVs have their own internet browser, where you enter a page with broadcast ( but not all internet browsers on TV support online video playback and it always depends on the specific model. To watch on TV, we recommend sharing the image from a supported device (wirelessly or via HDMI cable).

What are the technical requirements for a seamless broadcast?
Fast and stable internet connection
- for broadcast in 720p quality min. 3Mbps  
- for broadcast in 1080p quality min. 7Mbps 

Internet browser version:
- Google Chrome: version 69 and higher 
- Mozilla Firefox: version 58 and higher 
- Safari: version 10 and higher 
- Microsoft Edge: version 15 and higher 
- Samsung Internet: version 5 and higher

9.5. I do not get to broadcast, will there be a broadcast record?
The record and codes for it will be on sale 9.5. on na, after the end of show. The purchased access code is valid for 7 hours from the first activation. The record will be available until 16.5.2021 23:59. The purchased broadcast access code (for broadcast from 17:00) is not valid for viewing the record of broadcast.