Rules and procedure for applying for a transport voucher

After using the voucher, it will be revoked and cannot be used repeatedly. You can use the voucher only at the ČD e-shop, you cannot use it either at the sales points or on the train!

A passenger with a ticket issued on the basis of a Voucher is fully subject to ČD's tariff and contractual transport conditions and applies in full as a ticket issued according to the TR 10 tariff, with the exception of the possibility of returning the fare or part thereof at the ČD ticket counter.

The transport voucher is a 12-digit alphanumeric code, eg: 3DBK-79XC-5VYM stated in the confirmation email of the purchased voucher.

Procedure for applying for a voucher on the ČD e-shop:

1. Go to
2. Go to "Use a transport voucher"
3. Enter the 12-digit transport voucher code in the field and click "Continue"
4. Find the connection you want and continue with the purchasing process

The transport voucher cannot be used for journeys that differ by more than a quarter from the shortest route. In this case, the connection search will be rejected.

Vehicle class will be added automatically according to the type of voucher. Only one person can be checked in for one voucher (except for Group weekend tickets). If you want to secure a ticket for the trip there and back, you need to arrange each trip separately - first one trip, at the end of the shopping process select "Next purchase" and then the same way back.

Reduction of the ticket price to zero will not take effect until the ticket is added to the shopping cart. If you add items to the basket that are not covered by the transport voucher, you will pay the difference by credit card or PaySec account.

A travel document issued on the basis of a transport voucher is marked with the text "credit". Pursuant to Article 274 of the SPPO ČD, the right to return in the exercise of the right under the contract of carriage in the event of total or partial non-use of such a document will not be recognized.