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► DJ BlackJesus was born into a musical household and developed a love for music at an early age. Music has coursed through his veins for over decades and is unstoppable, when you ask him about music, this what you get “Never trust a DJ who doesn’t know how to dance.”

► Roland Moor a.k.a MadSkill was born on January 18, in the city of Brasov, Romania. At an early age, DJ Mad Skill discovered his great passion for music and realized that in his case this passion was not supposed to stay just a hobby. In a relatively short time, Mad Skill’s achievements were quite remarkable

► DJ Battle Lady is an open format DJ, based in Prague, the Czech Republic, known for her musical talent, energy and love to dance. She started her DJ career in 2013 and her busy schedule allows her to rock the parties to this day.

DJ Battle Lady regularly performs at top Czech clubs, which are Fancy Lounge, M1 Lounge, Chapeau Rouge, Roxy, Fashion club, Maxim and La Fabrique, Duplex, Radost FX, K.U. bar, Sasazu and at dance camps like Street Dance Camp or Hip Hop Meeting. She has done shows as a backup DJ for rapper Sia Sai and was a lead DJ for the Czech dance competition "The Dancer".

► Jerome Big-Jay Hutchinson : DJ BIG JAY (USA) - when it comes to RnB, Funky and Hip Hop, the juicer needs no introduction! When it Moves Funk It' Says Big J the Juicer! Don't miss him on stage! \
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Club Duplex

Address: 11000 Václavské náměstí 21, Prague

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